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I'm Dr. Reggie Padin, a passionate professional in the area of Learning and Development, with over 16 years of experience. I founded Exitou, Inc., where I've been committed to providing innovative technology solutions and effective learning systems to growing businesses.

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My Story

I hold a Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, as well as an MBA in Organizational Management. My expertise is broadened with various certifications in L&D, AI, and Virtual Reality (VR), which place me at the exciting intersection of technological innovation and education.

As a leader, I've a role in establishing and managing corporate universities and L&D departments. My expertise lies in designing and developing Learning Management Systems and VR platforms, focusing on creating immersive and impactful learning experiences.

I have designed and developed applications like,,,, and My goal has always been to blend technology with educational strategies to revolutionize learning and development in the business world.

In addition to my hands-on work, I've written eight books and host the L&D Ninja Podcast. Through these channels, I enjoy sharing my insights on the latest trends and best practices in L&D, reaching a wide audience.

One of my greatest passions is teaching. I have extensive experience educating undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Bringing my insights into the classroom, I love to ignite curiosity and deepen understanding among learners. My approach balances hands-on experiences with a deep understanding of theory, making me a versatile educator for students at all levels.

This passion for teaching also drives me to connect with fellow educators and L&D professionals. I'm always looking for collaborative opportunities to create a community of learning where we can share ideas, foster innovations, and encourage everyone to develop their skills.


Let's connect.

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