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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program delivered?

All certification programs are delivered as a complete self-paced learning experience. The self-paced options allow you to start the Cert at any time and complete the course in your own time. It is recommended to complete the course over 4 –12 weeks with a recommended commitment of 3 hours per week including assessment. There is no scheduled learning activities and interventions. You can set your own timetable for the assessment. You will receive support from a learning mentor to guide you through the process. The learning experience also includes networking with your peers on our private social learning platform and practical project work. There will be a live virtual classroom once a month for students going through the certification program.

Not at all. The Professional Cert is designed to be beneficial for anyone who falls into one of these categories: 

  • You have no experience in learning and development.

  • You have limited experience, in learning and development, but no formal training or accreditation.

  • You care currently working in an L&D role, but feel you lack new tools and expertise.

Do I need prior knowledge or experience ?

Will I need to complete assignments, tests and projects?

Yes, to achieve your certification you will be need to complete assignments, brief tests and a project. This a work-based project in which you’ll be applying your learnings on the course to design your own eLearning resource and develop a few prototype screens for it. Don't worry, we will be there with you every step of the way

Yes, you will.  Actually, that's the best part of the programs; you'll get to use the tools L&D professionals use every day in order to get their jobs done. These programs were design so participants could things into practice.

Will I get to use real-life tools?

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