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My projects



ExpandLMS stands out with its adaptive, engaging, and cost-effective Learning Management System (LMS). Its adaptive nature tailors course content in real-time to individual progress, enhancing engagement. Moreover, its budget-friendly model, coupled with an interactive interface, offers a value-driven solution for organizations aiming for continuous learning and development, making it an attractive choice in the digital education sphere.

L&D University MetaCampus

The L&D University MetaCampus, crafted using Meta's Horizon Worlds, pioneers a VR realm dedicated to reimagining the future of Learning & Development (L&D). This virtual campus harnesses the immersive and interactive capabilities of VR to create a highly engaging learning environment. Through MetaCampus, learners can explore new dimensions of education in a cost-effective way, reducing the barriers typically associated with traditional learning setups. The use of VR fosters a rich, adaptive learning experience where individuals can interact with both the material and each other in a more intuitive and captivating manner. This innovative approach positions the L&D University MetaCampus as a trailblazer in exploring the potential of VR in shaping the next frontier of educational endeavors.

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Currently under development, Learnfinity is a trailblazing learning application that leverages the power of cutting-edge technology to maximize human potential. Designed with inclusivity in mind, our application will be readily accessible across multiple platforms, including both iOS and Android.

the L&D Ninja Podcast

Dive into a fun and informative podcast all about Learning and Development. Dr. Padin, a real pro in the field, shares his exciting journey and brings in other smart folks from the industry to share their stories too. Each episode is packed with cool ideas and tips that will get you thinking about L&D in a whole new way. So, grab a pen, a notepad, and your favorite drink, and get ready to explore the world of an L&D Ninja with Dr. Padin!

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