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Academic Background.

I embarked on my academic journey with a keen interest in how organizations function and the role of technology in education. I earned my MBA, with a focus on Organizational Management, from Albizu University. This experience instilled in me the foundational knowledge of how businesses operate, along with equipping me with robust management skills.

Following this, my passion for technology in education led me to pursue a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University, where I specialized in Instructional Technologies and Distance Education. This phase of my academic journey provided me with an in-depth understanding of how innovative technologies can enhance learning and how to effectively deliver education from a distance. Together, these academic accomplishments have shaped my career, allowing me to innovate at the intersection of L&D, EdTech, AI, and VR.

"Reggie has an awesome combination of creativity, technical expertise, solid business sense and great platform skills. He is also a person of exceptional character. What a terrific combination of talents and ablilities!"

Michael Callahan, 

VP of Human Resources

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