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Reggie R. Padin, Ed.D.
Fractional CLO

Empowering Corporate Growth through Innovative L&D and Engagement Strategies

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I provide organizations with tailored learning strategies and development programs on a part-time basis. Leveraging a deep expertise in organizational learning, talent management, and leadership development, I assist companies in identifying their unique educational needs and craft bespoke solutions that drive growth and innovation.

About Me

My focus.

Recognizing the value of continuous learning in today's rapidly evolving business environment, I offer flexible, scalable services that allow organizations to benefit from the strategic insights of a seasoned CLO without the commitment of a full-time executive.


From designing and implementing e-learning platforms to developing employee onboarding processes and leading cultural change initiatives, my services aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement, align learning objectives with business goals, and ultimately improve organizational performance.

Areas of Research

My research interests span across a multitude of interconnected areas within the fields of L&D, EdTech, AI, and VR. These interests have led me to explore in-depth subjects such as e-learning, LMS software, virtual learning, corporate learning, and learning and development.


My studies include but are not limited to, exploring innovative learning management systems, the impact and efficacy of virtual learning environments, and the role of AI in personalizing and enhancing learning experiences. Each piece of research encapsulates my continuous quest for knowledge, aimed at bridging the gap between technology and education, ultimately fostering engaging and effective learning environments.

Technological Products

"Empowering minds, shaping futures: In corporate Learning & Development, we don't just build skills, we nurture growth, innovation, and alignment with a shared vision."

Reggie R. Padin, Ed.D.

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